The Bible gives great insight into the role of Biblical women who were entrepreneurs, judges, homemakers, and Bible teachers, to list only a few. Thus the Christian woman is called to use her life in terms of the great potential for the development and use of her abilities. "They (women) can do a work that men cannot do. They can come close to the hearts of those whom men cannot reach. The labor is needed." Evangelism, p. 465 .

We take our marching orders from the book of Ruth in being loving, caring and being identified with others that bear the burden for our Savior's soon return and nothing therefore will separate us from the love of God. We see ourselves as cement between the fellow believers who find Christ through our ministry and their affection to God.

As mothers and young ladies who look forward to being mothers some day we build our character on biblical believes that have been well documented in our Fundamental believes. Proverbs 31 provides inspiration and hope to us as burden bearers to trust in God as the builder of homes and purity of character which we, by God1s grace, translate into the Christian family of God through our role of parental care.

We shall seek to help and support members of the church and community around us through the gospel message and other physical and financial support when ever we can. May God be glorified through this message and pray for our ministry.